Abundance Manifesto

The Transhumanist Abundance Manifesto

A new era is at hand


A new era is at hand – the era of transhumanist abundance.

Humans everywhere, it is time for us to organise ourselves to boldly advance into that new era.

If we act wisely, and take full advantage of the remarkable fruits of twenty-first century science and technology, what lies ahead of us is the politics of paradise – a sustainable, open-ended, evolving abundance in which everyone can freely participate.

The constraints which have long oppressed human existence can soon be lifted. Instead of physical decay and growing age-related infirmity, an abundance of superhealth and superlongevity is available. Instead of cognitive failures and collective stupidity, an abundance of superintelligence and superwisdom awaits us. Instead of debilitating depression and emotional alienation, we can achieve an abundance of mental and spiritual super-wellbeing. Instead of a society laden with abuses of power, layers of deception, and divisive factionalism, we can embrace an abundance of superdemocracy. The result will be liberty as never before.

The cosmos beckons, with its vast resources and endless possibilities. Human destiny lies in collaborative exploration of both outer and inner space, as we keep reaching forwards to higher levels of consciousness and experience.

As transhumanists, we affirm that the future can be hugely better than the present. Human nature is but a starting point for the journey to extraordinary posthuman capability. Whereas the evolution of life has been blind for billions of years, it is now passing into our conscious, thoughtful control.

At present, we can only glimpse the outlines of the coming era of abundance. It is the fundamental responsibility of transhumanists to discern these outlines more clearly, and to help humanity as a whole envision and navigate the pathways ahead.

Together, let’s map out constructive solutions to the obstructions and distractions that impede our progress. Let’s build alliances that weaken the forces resisting positive change. Let’s transform fearful opposition step-by-step into willing partners, through an emerging shared understanding of the benefits transhumanism can bring to everyone.

Together, let’s apply our skills, our time, and our resources to paint more fully the picture of sustainable transhumanist abundance. Let’s organise our researchers, our creatives, our businesses, and our activists in service of this historic cause. Let’s transcend our present-day preoccupations, our unnecessary divisions, our vested interests, and our inherited human limitations. Let’s grasp the radical transformational power of new technology to profoundly enhance our vision, our wisdom, our social structures, and our effectiveness. In this way, we can accelerate the transition to abundance, with no one left behind.

Abundance awaits

An abundance of energy

The sun provides the earth with ample energy for all human needs for the foreseeable future. We can harvest that energy directly via sunlight, or indirectly via the motion of winds and waves. Our task is to enhance methods to collect and store and transmit this energy, preserving the wellbeing of the environment at the same time as we nurture greater all-round human prosperity.

Present-day green technology points the way forwards. Accelerated innovation will allow humanity to swiftly complete the transition to a sustainable abundance of clean energy.

An abundance of food and water

Throughout history, agriculture has passed through a number of dramatic revolutions, including selective breeding, mechanisation, synthetic fertilisers, and genetic editing. Even greater revolutions are at hand, as synthetic biology comes of age, enabling a sustainable abundance of delicious, healthy, nourishing food. Meat grown in labs means we’ll no longer slaughter animals on vast industrial scale.

In parallel, desalination plants can provide an abundance of fresh water.

An abundance of material goods

Building on the techniques of 3D and 4D printing, molecular scale manufacturing can drastically reduce the costs whilst increasing the quality of numerous material goods, including clothing and shelter. Innovation can identify alternatives for any rare elements that are approaching scarcity. Asteroids can be mined as an important transitional source of raw materials.

In the same way as bytes have become free of cost, we can anticipate atoms becoming free too. The material economy will follow the digital economy into sustainable abundance.

An abundance of health and longevity

The shortcomings of human biology, which cause us to suffer illness, decay, and death, are on the point of being comprehensively tamed by progress in regenerative medicine – nanosurgery, 3D bioprinting, genomic engineering, and stem cell therapies. Our task is to accelerate this relegation of aging and disease to history.

Much preferable to present-day expensive rear-guard medical treatments, prompt preventive interventions can unleash an abundance of full-health longevity.

An abundance of all-round intelligence

Science is giving us the ability to revitalise and rejuvenate, not only the body, but also the mind. Just as industrial tools have augmented our muscles, computers are augmenting our intelligence. Our growing understanding of the brain means we can enhance our psychology, gaining greater emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Traditional methods of mind enhancement such as education, meditation, yoga, music, art, and exotic substances, can have their power significantly magnified and directed by innovative technologies such as virtual reality, brain-computer interfaces, and AI assistants. An abundance of all-round intelligence beckons.

An abundance of creativity and exploration

In times past, human existence has been closely tied with our paid employment. The era of scarcity provided strong obligations to labour, often in work that was back-breaking or soul-destroying. As technology advances, machines can labour more forcefully, more reliably, and more effectively than human employees. Increasingly, human time and attention can be applied, instead, to an abundance of creativity and exploration – the unfolding and discovery of music, arts, sports, ecosystems, planets, and whole new universes.

Our task is to transition smoothly to a new economy which prioritises, not wage income or gross expenditure, but human flourishing and sentient development.

An abundance of collaboration and democracy

No mind is an island. We gain our strength and wisdom from our social relationships. The obstacles en route to the era of abundance can be solved by the wise collaboration of many thinkers and doers – scenarios considered, risks analysed, options deliberated, bridges built, decisions reached, resources deployed, actions progressed, outcomes reviewed, processes updated, abundance advanced.

Our task is to ensure no-one is left out of the journey forwards. The benefits can be available to all, in ways that uphold freedom of choice and diversity of lifestyle. Our collaboration can take advantage of the best insights of all minds, and achieve the best results for all minds. In the process, we’ll create and benefit from an abundance of democracy – a superdemocracy.

The politics to achieve abundance

In times of rapid change, it’s no surprise that many people become obstructive and fearful. Afraid of losing their status, they cling onto outdated structures. Afraid of technology going wrong, they impose cumbersome restrictions. Afraid that important human values may become lost, they reassert bygone belief systems that are grounded in mistaken views of human nature and human flourishing. Lacking a vision of positive change from which they can benefit, they deliberately sew confusion and misinformation.

To overcome confusion and misinformation, let’s generate an abundance of understanding. To displace cumbersome legal frameworks, let’s champion smart, agile regulations. To address the risks of tech-driven dystopia, let’s promote the scenarios in which technology uplifts humanity. To lessen the power of vested interests, let’s build wise alliances. To dissolve the fear of change, let’s clarify the roadmap to sustainable transhumanist abundance, in which, compared to the present, everyone can attain greater security, greater opportunity, greater health, and greater wellbeing.

In short, to rise above the myriad distractions and obstacles that might frustrate the journey to abundance, let’s uphold a compelling, engaging picture of the remarkable future which is within our grasp.

Where that picture has gaps, let’s address them, quickly and fully. Where questions arise, let’s move fast to improve our collective understanding in the light of our collective intelligence. Given the magnitude of the progress which can ensue, no tasks are more important.


To view a snapshot of the FAQ of this Transhumanist Abundance Manifesto, see here.

To review or suggest changes in the FAQ (or any of the content above), please use this shared document.

(Picture source: Genty on Pixabay.)

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Q3 sprint: launch the Abundance Manifesto

I’m writing to share early news of a planned pivot involving Transpolitica and/or the Transhumanist Party UK.

This pivot will taken place over the next few months. Progressing this pivot is the goal of the forthcoming Q3 sprint for Transpolitica.

The pivot is to place more focus on one particular idea: clarifying the forthcoming era of sustainable abundance. This will happen via the vehicle of a new document – a new manifesto – which (all being well) will be published as a short new book some time later this year.

I’ve been led to this change by reflecting on a number of developments over the last few months, including discussions at last Saturday’s London Futurists conference on Universal Basic Income and/or Alternatives. Another factor influencing my thinking is the responses to my book Transcending Politics. Whilst I’m pleased at the content of that book, I can see that many readers would prefer a simpler introduction to the subject.

Hence the new document, which bears the name The Transhumanist Abundance Manifesto.

It is presently mainly text, but the idea is that it will contain graphics as well.

As you’ll see, the document contains a call-to-action. If you’re able to help improve the document – particularly the FAQ section at the end (which I envision will grow to at least one hundred questions over the next few weeks), please add your comments and suggestions in this Google doc.

The Manifesto is split into three parts:

  1. An opening invitation, “Advance!” (roughly one page of A4)
  2. Sections explaining “Abundance awaits” (roughly three pages of A4)
  3. FAQ (to form an extended appendix to the previous sections).

For ease of viewing, here’s a current snapshot of the first two sections.

The cosmos beckons

(Picture source: Genty on Pixabay.)

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