12. Options to engage

This page contains the opening portion of Chapter 12 from
Sustainable Superabundance: A universal transhumanist invitation

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12. Options to engage

The forthcoming era of sustainable superabundance cannot be built by wishful thinking. Nor will the activity of heroic individuals be sufficient.

Instead, what needs to emerge is a network of communities that coordinates and magnifies the activities of an ever growing number of participants.

This final chapter of the Invitation highlights a number of tasks where participation is welcomed – tasks which can help accelerate the advent of sustainable superabundance.

To express interest in one or more of these tasks, follow the links on the main page of the Transpolitica website, https://transpolitica.org/. Everyone is invited.

To explore some of the topics from this Invitation at more length, see the publications referenced on the Transpolitica website, including the lead author’s previous book “Transcending Politics”, with its extensive set of references. See also H+Pedia, mentioned below.


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Transpolitica and the TPUK

It’s time to confirm an organisational change.

As of March 2019, Transpolitica is focusing on hosting the publication of books,  reports, and blogposts.

Actual discussion and planning of campaigns to take advantage of the ideas in these publications is now happening in a different organisation: the Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK).

For a live update of the projects being undertaken by the TPUK, see this dashboard.

TPUK Dashboard

As you’ll see, there’s a lot going on!

The TPUK declares its goal clearly: “A better future for everyone”. It highlights three top-level principles:

  • Evidence, science, and technology
  • Bright green
  • Personal freedom and social justice.

Although based in the UK, the TPUK welcomes members and supporters from around the world. To sign up to receive regular newsletters and other information by email, find the “Join” section of the TPUK’s main webpage.

You might also consider pressing the “Like” button on the TPUK’s Facebook page. That way, you’ll automatically receive notification of Facebook Live videos featuring TPUK executives – of which the first is scheduled for 6pm UK time on Sunday 3rd March.

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