Transpolitica 2016 – call for submissions

Transpolitica plans to hold a one-day conference in central London on Saturday 3rd December 2016 (10am-5pm).

(Update: see here for the latest plans for Transpolitica 2016, and how to register to attend.)

The theme of the conference is “Real world policy changes for a radically better future“.

Transpolitica 2016

The goal of the conference is to formulate and review policy recommendations which could become the focus of subsequent cross-party campaigns for legislative changes. In turn, these legislative changes will have the aim to enable better politics, better communities, and better human experience – by allowing society to take good advantage of the remarkable transformational potential of accelerating technologies.

The conference invites submissions from people interested in presenting TED-style thought leadership presentations at the event. These presentations should last 15-20 minutes and should convey key practical thoughts to stimulate group discussion during a Q&A period after the talk.

Suggested topics include:

  • Transitional steps towards Universal Basic Income
  • Alternative responses to the possibility of Technological Unemployment
  • Legal support for self-experimentation with nootropics
  • The political future of genetic enhancements
  • Policy changes that encourage quicker development of anti-aging therapies
  • Improvements to how finance works
  • Improvements to democracy and decision-making
  • Policy changes regarding surveillance, privacy, and data ownership
  • Support for radical decentralisation: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and more
  • The role of politics in accelerating science and innovation
  • The role of politics in responding to existential risks
  • Beyond national sovereignty: The evolution of transnational governance

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal to speak, or have any other suggestion about the event, please email the event organisers – the sooner, the better – ideally by 11th September (so that the agenda can be publicised in good time).


  • The date of 3rd December is currently the strong favourite, but might be changed (one week in either direction) if any clashing events become known to the organisers over the next few days
  • Although the event is held in London, speakers are welcome to propose changes to politics happening anywhere in the world
  • The organisers welcome suggestions for logos, graphics, banners, or other publicity material to help spread word about Transpolitica 2016.

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