Vote for the Transpolitica book cover

Which of the following cover(s) do you prefer, for the forthcoming Transpolitica book Anticipating tomorrow’s politics?


Use this link to cast your votes, before 6pm UK time on Sunday 8th March.

Update 8th March: the poll is now closed. The top selection was “Clear Summit”.

Click on the following images to see higher resolution versions.

 Clear summit – “Clear summit”

 Colourful summit – “Colourful summit”

Parliaments digital – “Parliaments digital”

Parliaments rockets – “Parliaments rockets”

Politics topics – “Politics topics”

Westminster perspective – “Westminster perspective”

Westminster rocket – “Westminster rocket”

Many thanks to Transpolitica consultant Alberto Rizzoli for designing these candidate covers.

Note: Transpolitica is using CIVS (Condorcet Internet Voting Service) for this poll. CIVS takes into account relative voter preferences. In this case, the poll is open – anyone with the link can take part. (CIVS also supports private polls, restricted to a given set of email addresses. In both public and private polls, the individual votes are all anonymous.)