Transpolitica projects update, July 2015

Transpolitica chapters being re-published by IEET

The IEET – the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – are selectively re-publishing chapters from the recent Transpolitica book Envisioning Politics 2.0 on their website

IEET readers have already posted some interesting comments in response to these chapters. By all means take a look and, if any of the comments prompt thoughts in your mind, get involved in the discussions there.

Related: if you want to share your appreciation of Envisioning Politics 2.0 with the wider book-reading public, please consider writing a brief review on the Amazon website. Positive reviews boost sales and, in turn, boost readership of the ideas in the book.

Transpolitica involvement in H+Pedia

H+Pedia is a new wiki with the stated goal to

Spread accurate, accessible, non-sensationalistic information about transhumanism among the general public.

The H+Pedia project is currently at a very early stage but an initial content architecture has been put in place. This includes

Transpolitica supporters are invited to become involved in the H+Pedia project. In more detail, you might do one or more of the following:

  • Review some of the existing content on the site
  • Create an H+Pedia account for yourself, which will allow you to start editing pages, create new ones, and to make comments on the Talk pages
  • Update existing articles, or create new ones, according to your own areas of knowledge
  • Work step-by-step towards the creation, as part of H+Pedia, of a curated resource library of material that supports Transpolitica policies.

You can find some guidelines here about writing for H+Pedia.

To learn more about formatting and layout of H+Pedia articles, press the Edit button near the top right of any page, and inspect the sources before discarding any change. (Note that editing of the main page is restricted to users with Admin rights.) See also the documentation about MediaWiki listed at the foot of the main page of H+Pedia.

hpluspediaIn addition to improving the content, Transpolitica supporters are invited to improve the visual design of the site, including providing a better logo (the one shown above is an interim placeholder).

Two new research papers being written

Interested in the longevity dividend? Then consider becoming involved in the project to write a research paper “The case for the longevity dividend”. That paper currently starts as follows:

This document highlights the importance of the concept of the “longevity dividend”, argues that politicians of all parties should be supporting projects that will accelerate this dividend, and makes a number of specific recommendations for political action.

Interested in the concept of universal basic income? Then consider becoming involved in the project to write a research paper “Roadmap to Universal Basic Income”. That paper currently starts as follows:

This document outlines a series of steps that could be taken, worldwide, towards the realisation of a UBI (Universal Basic Income) of sufficient level to provide the foundation for a “universal prosperity”. The document considers obstacles to these steps, and makes a number of specific recommendations for political action.

In each case, the document contains pointers to where further discussion can take place about progress with the writing process.